Why Startups Should Consider Business Accelerators


Many have rushed into business idea execution with little or no knowledge about running a business, empty structured and viable business plans. These start-ups have found it even rough operating in the ever demanding business environment coupled with different forces. As a result, most of these startups, rarely live to see the 2nd year of operation, and that partly explains why a chunk of ventures fails and are increasingly unsustainable. The message is now deafening than ever, you can’t do it alone in business, especially for the new entrants. Support, mentorship, empowerment from veterans in the industry plus experts as well as other stakeholders play a crucial role towards your venture success. Going blindly into the new expedition is a precise recipe for disaster.

Many success stories have clouded the entrepreneurship space, portraying it as a bed of roses. This narrative has dramatically attracted many ‘entrepreneurs’ into business even without…

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Business Transformation Lifecycle

Business is complex and one of the core problems in managing change is focus. That’s not because managers and business owners are not focused; In my experience most business managers are ultra focused. However, the very nature of business means there are many issues to deal with on a day to day basis and it […] [...]